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So, you’re looking to NPC Fury of the Deeps? Well let us tell you a few things to help you in that endeavor. First off thank you for joining us in making a fun and exciting game for both our players, and for our staff, LARP is meant to be fun and enjoyed by everyone, even if it’s challenging! A few things you should know, our rulebook can be found on the website, and you should skim over it some to have a basic understanding of the game, if you’re new to LARPing in general this may be a bit confusing, but once we are at the event it’ll make sense rapidly, of course if you’re a veteran LARPer, you’re just catching up on what numbers to yell.

There is also a preregistration form on our website that will let us know that you’re coming to NPC with us, which helps us out enormously! Here’s a quick list of things you should remember to bring with you

  • Socks! A ton of socks!
  • Plain long sleeve black undershirt. Probably just one.
  • Plain black tshirt, sweatshirt, or scrub shirt. 3 of these at least.
  • Plain black leggings, pants, or sweatpants. 3 of these at least.
  • A refillable waterbottle, staying hydrated is wicked important.
  • Food, at least for yourself for snacking. We will do our best to provide a dinner for all of our NPCs and Staff.
  • Plain black sneakers or boots, something you’d be okay hiking in
  • Bugspray & Sunscreen
  • Sleeping supplies, at least a pillow and a blanket.
  • Any costuming or weapons you want to bring to enhance your experience, just be mindful as we want you to enjoy yourself with what you bring, we unfortunately can’t be held responsible if they are misplaced or damaged.
  • Baby wipes

We’ll provide everything you need to play your parts as an Orc, a Merchant, a Ghazgrakk, and even more! We’ll have a dedicated NPC/Staff sleeping area, and we’ll do our best to make sure there’s water and snacks. If you decide to stay until the very end of an event, it would be deeply appreciated if you helped clean up. We will be practicing a Clean as you Go method, to make our Sunday finish smoother, but all help given is noted and appreciated. Now that you’ve skimmed the rulebook, packed the essentials, and preregistered as an NPC, you’re all set to go to Fury of the Deeps! You can check out our discord, chat with some of the other players, NPCs, and Staff, or check out our other social medias. We have an NPC exchange with several other games, even if you’re a Player character, we highly encourage supporting these games, as much as they have supported us.

Fury NPC to Player – When you NPC for Fury of the Deeps
In the event that you are planning to be a player character or are a current player character for FOTD but decide to spend a full game session with us as a dedicated NPC you will be rewarded with the attendance 15CP & the 1TP. This will reflect on your character sheets.

Game Exchange – When you NPC or Play for these games you will receive 10DP for Fury of the Deeps
Knight Blades

NPC Exchange – When you NPC for these games you will receive 10DP for Fury of the Deeps
Lione Rampant
Sustainable Collapse
Fables of the Frontier

If interested in joining our Staff Team

Do you feel that you can capture the vibe and atmosphere we have in our storytelling for Fury of the Deeps? The otherworldly, weird, ghostly, or uncanny that lurk underneath. If this is a task you’re feeling up for feel free to submit a small plot or module to our email and we can chat about collaborating!
Inquire at