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If you are looking to gain Donation Points by donating money, you may do so through our PayPal or by cash at check-in of the event you’re attending. If you are looking to gain Donation Points by donating items, please email us to discuss what you’re thinking of donating. Donation Points will be awarded as soon as fund or items are donated. We are deeply appreciative of everything our community has given and supported us with, we hope to make everyone proud!

If you would like to donate physical items at a dollar to dollar conversion for DP, here is a list of items we would appreciate getting.

We also have a merch store! All of the art specifically made for Fury of the Deeps will be available through the merch store for all you t-shirt and sticker enthusiasts. If a profit is made from merch sales, a portion goes to the artist that made us the art, and the rest goes directly back into the game.

This was our GoFundMe, which ran through 2021 and ended at our 2nd event on Oct 14th, with the winners of the raffle being announced on October 19th. For more details please see the GoFundMe page, or our Facebook page. Once again thank you to everyone who donated to help this dream come true.