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Character Creation & Backstory

Use this link to create you character for Fury of the Deeps. You should use the rulebook as a reference when making your character which can be found on our website, our discord, and our Facebook group. All characters are required to at least answer the questions in this form as well, but additionally you can email us a more detailed version of your backstory. Vehldathin is a large and diverse world and all of the information that is found in our book of lore is meant to be used as a baseline for your creativity. We will use this information to better create plots that you, and other players will enjoy. Once you are finished submitting this form, we will email you a character sheet, and all updates will be done through email.

For costume gear and inspiration check out some of our favorite places:
B3 Imagination Studio
Medieval Collectibles

In Game Resources

Enchanted Town Map 12

While you search for answers, dig into the past. What once was may be the answer to what will be. Something wicked this way comes.