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When asked early on, what Fury of the Deeps’ Covid policy would be, we asked that people be patient with us, and wait until closer to the event because Covid is a rapidly changing thing, redefining our lives and our safety almost daily. We knew that this would mean no matter what we started out with, change could never be stopped, and the concern for our community’s safety could never take a back seat.
With this in mind, we’ve rechecked the federal and state Covid guidelines for outdoor events, we’ve referenced concert, convention, and other LARP guidelines, in order to make sure that if any changes were spotted we could ensure we kept up to date on it. When we made our Covid policy, ours matched many of these sources, but things have changed since then.
With that in mind we are changing our Covid policy to more closely resemble the safest recommendations. Fury of the Deeps will now require proof of vaccination to be on the grounds of the campsite, without exception. We will continue to strongly recommend masks, and social distancing. We will continue to strongly recommend getting vaccinated. We understand Covid, and the vaccines are polarizing subjects, and we encourage open and honest discourse in a respectful fashion. We are available on email, on our discord, or on our Facebook page to answer any questions about this change. If need be, please see our refund policy on our website. We hope that you understand the changes made, and know that the safety of our community is one of the main priorities.

These were our Covid Guidelines announced on August 1st, and changed on August 25th. We decided to keep them here for posterity, and to keep a record of our policy regarding Covid. The current guidelines will always be the first displayed on this page, and the rest is just for history.

Fury of the Deeps was created in the thick of the Covid pandemic, we went into this endeavor understanding the ever changing landscape of the new normal we’ve been adjusting to. We’ve focused on community since our inception, and keeping that community safe is a major priority of ours. After reviewing CDC guidelines, and many of the New England state Covid guidelines for outdoor social events, as well as many of the LARPs in the New England area, we’ve come to a consensus about what our guidelines should look like. Every individual attending Fury of the Deeps will have to provide either proof of vaccination, or a negative Covid test from the week prior to the event. anyone who arrives to an event without one of those two forms will unfortunately have to be asked to leave to ensure the safety of all of our participants. This is for Players, Staff, NPCs, and GMs. The staff at FotD will not reveal anyone’s personal information without clear permission from the individual. Masks will be encouraged but not required, if you choose to wear a mask we encourage them to be period appropriate but we understand if they cannot be. Function above form, as many of us have learned in the past with our costumes already. The staff at FotD will do our best to regularly sanitize frequently used areas and to provide hand sanitizer in frequently used areas. Everyone will be expected to follow the camp’s Covid guidelines without exception. Of course if you have any questions please reach out to us via email. Let’s stay safe, and have fun!