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Use this link to Preregister for a Fury of the Deeps event, and to register for a cabin! it’s just to let us know if you’re coming, who you’re coming as, and if you’re a PC or and NPC. filling this out helps us immensely logistically and we appreciate you taking the time to do so! If you’re going to be a Player Character for an event, we Highly recommend registering for a cabin, so you can make sure you are comfortable sleeping where you choose, or to make sure you and your guild bunk in the same spot!

Attending Fury of the Deeps as a Player costs $95, we’re currently only accepting payments through our PayPal or by cash at check-in of the event you’re attending. When you prepay for an event please include which events you are paying for, and if you are paying for anyone other than yourself in the notes of the payment. If you are planning to pay in cash at the event please let us know in the Preregistration & Cabin Reservation Form above. If there are any issues please don’t be afraid to send us an Email.

Fury of the Deeps 2023 Yearly Package!
Our 2023 Yearly Package will cost $380, just the cost of the 4 games for the year.
In addition you will receive the following benefits:
-Priority pick for cabin & tent reservations!
-Attendance CP for all 4 events up front, that’s 60CP!
-One (1) Potion of Energy at check in at each event!
-One (1) addition use of the skill Self Remedy each event!
-Three (3) Deaths removed from your character sheet!
-Five (5) Iron Trade Bars applied to each of your Information Gathering uses!
-One (1) random Item, could be Enhanced, Imbued, a Scroll, a Food, a Poison, or a Potion!

This was our GoFundMe, which ran through 2021 and ended at our 2nd event on Oct 14th, with the winners of the raffle being announced on October 19th. For more details please see the GoFundMe page, or our Facebook page. Once again thank you to everyone who donated to help this dream come true.